A Moment Too Late

Have you ever been walking down the street or riding the bus and you run in to a perfect stranger? And in that moment this person seems like the most beautiful person in the world and in an instant you would change your path of life for that person. Would you become everything they wanted? Could you stop this lonely path you are on and let this unknown person in to your life? No, of course not! How stupid would you have to be to just chase after a stranger?

But laying here tonight I wish I could turn back time and have the guts to have a longer conversation. To make an impression. To have some guts. I will never have that chance again. Even though I know your name, It doesn’t matter you are gone. I want to chase you! I want you to want me! In a moment you have changed my entire life, I will be looking for you. I will always be searching.  It only took a second to realize that I made a mistake by saying good bye.

It is amazing how one person that you don’t even know can have such a hold. Hi, I am the girl you have been looking for your entire life but I was to scared. I am not attractive so why would you remember our encounter, I am to big to be notice by such a beautiful man. Thank you for smiling and pretending that I didn’t gross you out.

Thank you for that moment! Thank you for a second of feeling special! Now only if you could find the foot in my mouth and take it out. If I could go back and change time, I say I would do what I have always been scared to do. But truth is you will always pass me by cause I have no confidence and you are a prefect stranger.

A Moment Too Late. Goodbye. Never Hello.

The best is yet to come!

-Shipwrecked November 



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