Dear Pretty Girl,

Dear Pretty Girl,

Oh how I have missed you. It has been years since I have been lucky enough for you to come out of the dark pit you through your self in to. I have been standing at the top for five years waiting for you to crawl out of that hole. See, while you were gone I took your place. I showed your family the anger, sadness, and hate that you tried so hard to keep from them, but some one had to fill in for you. You disappeared and instead of waiting for you to get your crap together I decided to take over your life. You have a lot of work to get your life back. I made them believe that you were gone forever. They don’t like this version of you. They think you aren’t worth the time. The funny thing about you Pretty Girl is they would come running to you with open arms if they found out you were back. So what are you waiting for? This life isn’t going to fix it’s self. And I sure as heck am not going to make it easy for you.  So, Pretty Girl, what will it be? Let me keep your life in shambles or take control? I know you will make the right choice for us. Just remember when things get hard you always have me to turn too. Now it is time to crawl out of the pit of darkness and live a little for the both of us. The best is yet to come.

Love always, Your PTSD Ridden Brain.

-Shipwreck November


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