Loser Face

That is what I will call him. He kind of crept in to my heart and I don’t know what too do. I swore up and down, time and time again that I in no way was interested in him. It was true, I wasn’t at all what I thought about until now. He has been through some tough times with life and relationships and I know how hard he has worked to change his life around. But knowing his history makes it hard to know where to go from here. He is one of those people that go from relationship to relationship without time in between and I don’t want to be just another person on his list. So trusty readers out there in cyber space, what is your advice???

The best is yet to come!!!!

~Shipwrecked November


But I Love you….


Can you hear me?

Have you even heard a word I have said?

You are worthless, why do you even exist?

Why are you crying?

Awe, did I hurt your stupid feelings?

Why don’t you run along and slit your wrist?

Stop crying, do you want me to give you something to really cry about?

I’m sorry

Please don’t leave

I didn’t mean what I said

I promise I won’t do it again

I would never actually hurt you


I love you….


(The best is yet to come)

~Shipwrecked November

So many siblings…

I love my family, don’t get me wrong but some times my siblings become to much to handle. Right now my 12 year old brother is on a search for a baseball bat that I have hidden in my room. I had to stick it in my robe hanging from my bathroom door. I am annoyed by this, he just won’t go away. I have five sisters and four brothers. Being that I am the fourth oldest they all come to me for everything. The oldest ones I guess don’t understand them, so running to me became easy.

I love my siblings with all of my heart and I honestly don’t think they understand how much I truly love them. It is so unconditional it’s ridiculous. Although sometimes I just want some space!!!!!! But if I send them crazy kids away, I want them to come back cause I miss them. We have been a family for 15 years and I can’t believe it has been that long, it seems like forever some days and other days no time at all.

If you are wondering why I said 15 years, it is because we are not all from the same parents. Step-siblings is what we are. I don’t think of them as step, except the best steps of my life have been with them. The things we have been through have been on the line of heart breaking and life changing. Some how us kids have gotten through it. I can’t see my life without them in it.¬†As much as we fight and scream and yell and torment each other I would like to believe that we do it because we love each other.

Mornings are always loud and nights are even louder. They are none stop all day long. If you watch shows like 19 and counting I would like to know how they get their kids so quite and well behaved because I swear our house is more like cheaper by the dozen. We have holes in the wall from random events, like taking sleds down a flight of stairs and hitting the wall. Not a single one of us is not off the wall goofy. I love it to be honest. No day is the same and I can never say it gets boring. With a none stop life and none stop love you can’t really go wrong. Even when I just want my space, I wouldn’t mind if all of them came pilling in to my bed, it’s moments like that I live for.

So many siblings and the best is yet to come!

-Shipwrecked November